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Winter 2018

Amongst other projects, I'm currently working on ways in which communication skills can help us respond to – and cope with – rapid and extreme political and economic change.

It's certainly an interesting time to be working in the comms field...



About Interactrice

As a Principal Lecturer in Higher Education I experienced much poor communication, even in the creative and 'sensitive' field of art and design. I saw how much stress and unhappiness it caused and, ironically, how it usually had precisely the opposite effect of what was intended. Marketing and mangement jargon still pervades so much of business, as well life in general. And it's really unhelpful.

Things need to change...

I set up Interactrice in 1998 to find a better way for businesses to communicate; one that starts with the people on the receiving end of every letter, advert, website or brochure. 
I aim to produce materials that are original & not just copied from every other business or institution. Empathy – the ability to put yourself in someone else's place and try to imagine what effect your words and images will have on them - is always the starting point, and it works! Contact me to find out more…
Annie McNamara, Director, Interactrice

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